What does it take to be successful with a eCommerce Website?

This is a good question that comes up a lot, so we’ve decided to put our thoughts down as to what you need to be successful with a eCommerce website.

The Right Mindset

If you’re starting out as a complete newbie in online sales, at some point you might become frustrated, so to compensate you need to have a positive attitude. It’s so important to believe in yourself and have faith that you too can learn the skills necessary to do this. It’s key, that you need to be in the learning mindset to succeed. Even though you might be using a turnkey eCommerce website there will still be things to learn. Do not listen to those who try and put you down or tell you that what your trying to do won’t work or there is too much competition.

Patience is Key

Although building a website is relatively quick and using a turnkey eCommerce website is even quicker, the process of gaining traffic to it takes time and is a consistent effort. Don’t expect to be flooded with visitors the day after you have your website up or for it to rank Number 1 on Google for your chosen products within a week. Getting your eCommerce website ranked well in the search engines takes work and patience, but the rewards can last for years.

Perfection is not Necessary

Don’t waste your time fussing over the ‘little things’ and making sure everything is perfect before you begin promoting your eCommerce website! The things you should be spending time on is getting traffic to your website – without traffic, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. So there’s a tiny spelling mistake, a product photo isn’t the best, a product you sell is out of stock with the suppliers – all that is irrelevant unless you have people visiting your website!

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

When your eCommerce website is up and running, it needs consistent TLC to be strong and healthy. You need to do your keyword research and get busy link building one way or the other to get your website ranked and traffic coming in. Start chatting in forums related to your products, start creating a buzz around your new website and probably the most important item is to constantly add fresh content to your website like writing reviews on products. Doing this takes time but it slowly starts adding up and you will see traffic coming to your website in Google Analytics and then before you know it sales will start coming in.

Going to the Next Level

Once your eCommerce website has some good traffic and your getting regular sales, there are really only a few things you need to do to take it to the next level:
1) Get More Traffic
2) Improve your conversion rate
3) Increase your product range
4) Keep adding content
You can use the money you are making from your eCommerce website to plough it back into making all of the above happen.


Hopefully this gives you some idea of what you need to do to be successful with an eCommerce website. Remember, nothing happens without action and that’s the real “secret” – make sure you are busy doing the right things that matter. If you’re ready to get started, checkout our professionally designed eCommerce websites and go for it!

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