How do you increase sales in your shop?

Start with the copy.

Persuasive and interesting copy (the text on the page) is a key component to making your website stand out. Clear and compelling product descriptions, special offers and romantic stories about how products will positively impact your customers lives are what turn visitors into customers.

If you’re at all interested in search engine traffic, you have to start with generating content for your website, and written content is the fastest and easiest to spread option.

Copy writing can be intimidating at first, but rest assured that anyone can become an effective copywriter with the right information and lots of practice. Below, we’ve assembled some of our favorite resources that are sure to give you a head start over competitors who don’t understand the power of copy.

Where do I start?

Copywriting 101: Write The Way You Speak
This article boils down to writing interesting copy. Seems obvious, but it can be hard to remember and hold yourself accountable.

Copywriting 101:An Introduction to Effective Copy
This is a ten article series that will turn any copywriting novice into an effective salesperson.

Make Your Words Sell
A 250 page FREE ebook that will take your understanding of persuasion through writing to the next level. Learn how to identify your primary audience and target them with your writing.

Why did you read this article?
Probably, because the headline caught your attention.

Did you know that on average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest? If you want to make sure people read your new persuasive copy, you’ll need some killer headlines to get their attention. Check this out: How to write magnetic headlines

Don’t underestimate the importance of persuasive copy, it’s your most effective sales tool on your website. We recommend spending at least twice as much time on crafting the copy as tweaking the design. This will give you a huge leg up on your competition.

Log into your ShopManager today and start optimizing your copy for sales!

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