What is a TurnkeyShop?

A TurnkeyShop is a turnkey eCommerce website that you can start in minutes for a very low cost. With TurnkeyShop’s ShopBuilder, you can build a complete, ready-to-run eCommerce website with all the latest Web 2.0 features.  No need to worry about patches or upgrades to the core software of your shop either, it’s all included in the service. The ShopManager is designed to be easy and powerful. If you can check email online, you can run a TurnkeyShop. We have a few different levels of shops to cover someone just starting out or a business that is already running.

Here are few TurnkeyShop features:

  • Easy to use admin interface
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Customizable
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost

The instant setup makes it easy to try it out. Or visit our Product Tour for more details.

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